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~* Boo Buckets *~

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* 1 Blue Bunny Icecream Bucket With the new Snap Lid.
* Card Stock.
* Tacky Glue.
* Foam Paint Brush.
* 2 Pipe Cleaners.
* Pony Beads.
* Optional: Laminator & Laminating Sheets, Ribbon.
* Boo Bucket Front & back and Top templates.

Graphics are from CC13: Halloween (and little westie is from CC22: Puppies).


Open a landscape sheet in your print program. Import the Boo Bucket Front/back template. Import your chosen background and graphics. Add titles or headlines to suit your needs. Print on highest setting.

Repeat for the back of the Boo Bucket.

Import the Boo Bucket Lid template. Add graphics and print on highest setting.

Laminate only the front of the printed cardstock.

Cut out all Boo Bucket parts.

Using the foam paint brush, evenly spread the tacky glue over the back of each piece.

Smooth the pieces onto the ice cream bucket.

Poke a hole in each side for the handle to be threaded through.

Twist the two pipe cleaners together to form one piece.

Slide the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners to make a handle.

Embellish with ribbon and now you are ready to party!

Special Note: You can use paint to change the lid another color before you put your lid graphic on if you wish. I am using this as a food container for a Four Year Old Halloween Party, so I left it alone as I did not want to worry about the paint contaminating our party food.

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