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~* Terms of use *~

All graphic designs, characters, copyrights and distribution rights remain the sole property of the artist Helena Normark.

You are welcome to use the graphics on things that you sell/share and to decorate your business paperwork, such as calling cards, hang tags etc., under the following agreement:

1) Only finished, tangible items are allowed. This means: No patterns of any kind, printables, iron ons, rubber stamps, stickers, paper piecings, scrapbook kits, decoupage sheets etc..

Clearification: Do your customers use your product to create or print? Then it's probably not OK, but feel free to ask.

Example 1: You can sell a finished card that is printed and put together by you, but not a 'kit' with pieces that the customer uses to create her own card.

Example 2: You can sell something that you have embroidered the graphic onto, but not the actual embroidery design. Viking Software have exclusive rights to sell/share digitized designs.

2) If you want to use a graphic more than 200 times per year there is a one time fee (currently US$50) for the use of as many of my graphics as you want. Just send me an email and I'll tell you how to order. Thanks!

Clearification: One completed item counts as one use. A notebook with 30 pages is one use. 50 candy wrappers counts as 50 uses even if they are sold together, since each one is a separate item.

3) No mass production. The items must be handmade by you personally. If you have professional equipment at home it may be considered mass production. Please contact me.

4) My copyright notice ('Artwork © Art4Crafts.com', in readable size) must be included; either on the actual product or at a card or hang tag attached to it. If you sell the items off a website and/or eBay, there must be clickable credits linked to www.art4crafts.com, next to the items.

5) The graphics, or items created from them, may not be used/distributed in any digital media (websites, emails, CDs, PSP tubes, sig tags, auction templates etc.).

Clearification: If you want to share/sell what you create you must print it first. However, for viewing purposes you are of course welcome to post photos or scans of your finished crafts on a website etc. If you need website/sig tag graphics, have a look at my other site GraphicGarden.com.

6) The graphics can not be used as characters in storybooks or the like, or as models for 3D objects

Note that all copyrights belong to me. I reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without prior notice, so please re-read them from time to time. If something is unclear, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!


My graphics can now be used for school related material that is sold at teacherspayteachers.com!

There is no license fee, but please note that you still will have to buy the graphics that you want to use. Also, it applies only to school related materials you sell at teacherspayteachers.com. You will still not be able to sell or share digital items (PDFs for download etc.) elsewhere.

All items must be created by you personally or a family member.

Everything you sell must be finished by you, such as forms and other things ready to use. You can not sell the graphics themselves or various kits that other people can use to create new items.

My copyright notice ('Artwork © Art4Crafts.com', in readable size) must be included on the material you sell or share.

Copyright © 1997 - 2023 Helena Normark/Graphic Garden®.
Please note that the graphics used to decorate this site are my personal property.