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~* A little about me *~

My name is Helena and I was born in the northern parts of Sweden. In 1989 I moved to Stockholm, the beautiful capital city. There I met my dear Lars. :-) In summer 2004 he got a nice job in Trondheim, Norway, and we live there now. For how long we don't yet know. We'll see how we like it here.

In 1997, while I was studying Biology/Geology at the University, I built my first website and drew some graphics for it. It quickly became my favourite hobby. :-) Now I have my own business and do the graphics full time. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that that would be possible.

Other interests are animals and nature, reading, flowers and gardening. I'm not very sporty, but enjoy long walks, and cross-country skiing and ice-skating on lakes in winter.

We both enjoy travelling and have visited several countries around the world - USA, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Spitsbergen, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Britain, Spain...

It's impossible to say which was the best - each country is so different - but some of my favourite trips were (in no particular order): north-western USA (marvellous nature/views and friendly people), northern Britain, the northern parts of Portugal (pretty landscape and friendly people), Norway (incredibly beautiful!), Petra in Jordan, Iceland (magical) and Italy.

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