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~* Love Bug Box *~

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* Card Stock.
* Non-toxic Glue.
* Cereal Snack Box template.

Graphics are from various sets. Don't hesitate to ask which ones.


Open a landscape sheet in your print program. Import the Cereal Snack Box template. Import your chosen background and graphics. Add titles or headlines to suit your needs. Print on highest setting.

Cut the Cereal Snack Box out following the directions on the template.

Fold on all the lines and apply glue as directed on the template.

Follow the numbers on the template to easily assemble the box.

Fill with cereal for a great snack.

I use these on the first day of school. The kids are often too nervous to eat a good breakfast so by mid-morning they are starving! Many keep the empty boxes and they end up packing all sorts of treasures around in them!

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