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~* Cupcake Jelly Jars *~

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* Card Stock or Photo Paper.
* Jelly Jars with Lids.
* Glue or Tape.
* Ribbon.
* Plastic Spoons.
* Foam Mounting Dots.
* Cupcake Jelly Band, Cupcake Jelly Circle, Cupcake Jelly Flower and Click'n'fill templates.

Backgrounds are from CC13: Halloween kids clipart set.


Take 2 iced cupcakes (without paper liners) and stack them inside a clean sterilized jelly jar. Screw a clean sterilized lid on the jar.

Open a landscape sheet in your print program. Import the Cupcake Jelly Band template, the Cupcake Jelly Flower template and the Cupcake Jelly Circle template. Import your chosen background and graphics. Add your text to the circle. Print on highest setting.

Cut all the pieces out.

Wrap the band around the jar and and glue or tape the seam in the back.

Adhere the flower with a foam mounting dot to the center front of the band.

Adhere the circle with a foam mounting dot to the center of the flower.

Tie a bow around the lid and slide a plastic spoon between the ribbon and the jar lid.

I made these for my school's Halloween Carnival's Cake Walk. They were a big hit! The kids loved being able to eat the goodies during the carnival instead of having to wait untill they got home.

Need a gift fast? Use the click'n'fill template to make a quick wrap for the cupcake jelly jar!

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