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~* Christmas Village Gift Boxes *~

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* Card Stock.
* Glue.
* Optional: Cotton balls, glitter.
* Large House Part 1 Click-n-Fill, Large House Part 1, Large House Part 2 Click-n-Fill, Large House Part 2, Small House Click-n-Fill and Small House templates.

Graphics are from various clipart sets. Please feel free to ask if you want to know about a certain graphic.


For the Large House:

1. Open a portrait sheet in your print program. Import the Large House Part 1 Template. Import your chosen background and graphics. Print on highest setting.

2. Repeat step 1 but import the Large House Part 2 Template to complete the house.

3. Cut the house parts out.

4. Follow the directions on the templates to assemble the house.

For the Small House:

Same as Step 1 but start with a landscape sheet in your print program.

Decorate with unrolled cotton balls and glitter for a snow scene. Fill with candy and treasures. Give as little gifts for your small holiday guests!

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