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Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl

~* CD/DVD Card Holders *~

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* Card stock.
* Tape or glue.
* Optional embellishments: Tags, ribbons etc..
* Cardholder templates one and two.

Graphics are from various sets. Don't hesitate to ask.


Open a landscape sheet in your print program. Import the cd1 template. Follow the labels on the template to import your graphics and text on the correct sides. Print on highest setting.

Repeat this step using a new sheet of cardstock and the cd2 template.

Cut the the pieces out.

Score and fold the pieces where indicated on the templates.

Starting with the cd2 piece, glue the flaps where indicated on the template.

Glue the cd1 piece to the flap on the cd2 piece.

You can add embellishments to the holder such as tags, ribbons, jewels, ect. I am going to add ribbon hangers so I can hang them on the tree.

Now it is ready to hold your special cd or dvd.

Some of mine will hold cd's with my special mix of Christmas music. Others will hold dvd's with a family scrapbook slide show I made. You can use your imagination and make any special themed cd or dvd!

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