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~* Bottle Cap Jewelry *~

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* Card stock.
* Hot glue.
* 3 Blank Bottle Caps.
* Fish hook Earrings.
* 4 small Jump Rings.
* 1 medium Jump Ring.
* Jewelry Pliers.
* 3D Epoxy Sticky Back Domes.
* Drill with small Drill Bit.
* Sandpaper or Metal Nail File.
* Small Scrap Scissors (the kind with the curved blades).
* Tweezers.
* Optional: One inch circle punch.
* Bottlecap template.

Cute westie graphic is from CC22: Puppies.


Open your print program. Import the one inch circle template. Import your chosen background and graphics.

Print on highest setting.

Using small scrap scissors, cut the circles out by hand or use a circle punch. Set aside.

Drill a hole into each bottle cap. Sand the metal bits off using sandpaper or a metal nail file.

Use your jewelry pliers and attach 2 small jump rings into 2 bottle caps for the earrings. Attach the fish hook earrings into the top jump ring.

Attach the medium jump ring to the other bottle cap for your necklace piece.

Now you are ready to hot glue your cut circles into your bottle caps. The tweezers come in handy in placing the circles into the middle of your bottle caps!

Using the tweezers again, align an epxoy dome over each circle. Press down firmly to adhere the domes to the paper.

Now your ready to wear your new jewelry!

These make great stocking stuffers!

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