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Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl   Copyright Missy Earl

~* Candy Matchbooks *~

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* Card stock.
* Staples.
* Fun size M&M's.
* Optional embellishments: Laminating sheets.
* Templates:
Candy Matchbook 1 Click-n-Fill
Candy Matchbook 1
Candy Matchbook 2 Click-n-Fill
Candy Matchbook 2
Candy Matchbook 3 Click-n-Fill
Candy Matchbook 3
Candy Matchbook 4 Click-n-Fill
Candy Matchbook 4

Graphics are from various sets. Don't hesitate to ask.


Open a portrait sheet in your print program. Import the Candy Matchbook template onto your sheet. Size as needed.

Import your chosen graphics. Print on cardstock on your printers highest setting. Laminate if you wish.

Cut out on the outside lines and fold on the other lines where indicated on the template.

Slide your fun size M&M's package under the flap and staple.

These can be used as party favors but I am making them part of thank you gift baskets.

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