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Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl

~* Charm bracelet *~

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* Inkjet Paper or Photo Paper.
* Photo Charm Bracelet Kit.
* Extra Charms For Bracelet.
* Clear Acrylic Spray.
* Clear Sealer/Glue.
* Small Pointed Scissors.
* Small Paint Brush.
* Tweezers.
* Charm template.

Graphics are from CC22: Puppies and CC25: Christmas cuties.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the charm template. Fill with your template with your desired graphics. Repeat this step until you have created all the charms you need.

Print on your highest settings.

Let dry for 10 minutes then spray a coat of clear acrylic on the sheet to seal the ink.

Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Carefully cut our your charms using the small scissors.

Using the clear sealer/glue and the paintbrush, smooth on a small amount of sealer/glue to the inside of the charm blank and the back of your cut out charm picture.

Using the tweezers, position the charm picture onto the charm and smooth out all the bubbles.

Load the paintbrush with a small amount of sealer/glue and paint over the charm picture. Be sure to seal the edges of the picture well.

Continue this process untill all the charms are covered.

Let dry overnight and you are ready to show off you special creation!

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