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~* Science Circle Sorts *~

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* Card stock.
* Velcro dots.
* Optional: Laminator and Laminating Sheets
* Science ring template.

Graphics are from various sets. Don't hesitate to ask.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the science ring template. Import your chosen background. Import your chosen graphics and center in each "spoke" of the circle template. Print 1 on highest setting.

Now delete your chosen graphics, leaving the background. Add titles or headlines to match your sorts. Print 1 on highest setting.

Laminate if you wish.

Cut the Science Circles outs, leaving the one that has no graphics in each spoke as one piece. Take the Science Circle that has your graphics sorts on it and cut each spoke out on the inside of the template lines. This will make them a little smaller and easier for the kids to center on the bottom circle.

Attach each Circle piece with a sticky backed Velcro dot. (Nothing frustrates a child more than having accidently knocked the pieces off the board!)

If you are going to be making several of these, use a different background for each sort and this will help you keep each set organized.

These are extremely versatile and easy to make. Sorts are great for kids in developing their abilities to classify objects by similiar properites. Any subject would work for these, Phonics, Math, Social Studies etc..

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