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~* Hinged Packet *~

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* Cardstock or Glossy Brochure Paper.
* Double Sided Sticky Tape or Glue Stick.
* Brads.
* Various Embellishments: Metal tags, jewels etc..
* Hinged Packet and Hinged Packet lid templates.

Graphics are from CC10: Babies and CC21: Birthday.


Import templates into your print program.

Size the template to fit your needs.

Import your desired graphics and decorate to your liking.

Print on your printers highest setting.

Cut out, fold and adhere flaps to make the bottom and top for your packet.

Place the bottom of the packet inside the lid about an 1/2".

Use your brad and insert through the lid and the packet layers where indicated on the lid.

I made mine for a scrapbook page about my son's first hair cut but this also makes a great gift card or money gift package!

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