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~* Treat Fry Box *~

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* Card stock.
* Glue stick.
* Krylon Crystal Clear Paint Spray.
* Fry box template.

Cliparts from CC26: Gingerbread bears and background from CC16: Christmas kids.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the fry box template. Adjust to get your finished desired size. I like my large so I used the whole sheet.

Import your graphics and decorate the fry box to your liking. The smaller portion of the template is the front of the box and the larger portion is the outside back. Be sure to position your back graphics to face the correct way when you glue the box together.

Print on cardstock on your highest printer setting. If you wish, you can flip the cardstock and run it back through and print just your background graphic on to decorate the inside of your box.

Let dry about 15 minutes than spray a couple of coats of Krylon on it to seal your ink.

When dry, cut out. Cut on the tab dotted lines and fold and glue.

Now you are ready to fill with goodies! Makes a great party favor!

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