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Copyright Missy Earl
Copyright Missy Earl

~* Magnets/Pins/Scrapbook buttons *~

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* Metal End Caps from crescent roll tubes.
* Cardstock.
* Glue Stick.
* Tacky Glue.
* Magnet Dots or Pin Backs.
* Optional: small gimp braid, mini lace, etc...
* Single crescent template or full page crescent template.

Graphics are from CC10: Babies and 'Beary Fairies' at Graphic Garden.


The instructions are the same for all variations. Just leave the back plain for the scrapbook buttons, or glue a pin to the back to create pins, or a magnet button to create a magnet.

Clean and dry metal cap ends that have been removed from the cardboard tube.

Import template into your print program (full page or single). Print out a test sheet and check for fit on your metal cap ends.

Make adjustments if needed. Import your desired graphics and decorate circle to your liking. Print on your printers highest setting.

Optional: Laminate before cutting out.

Cut out circles. Apply glue to back of circle and place into the metal cap. Use tacky glue to adhere magnet dots or pin back on the back side of the cap. Leave the back empty for scrapbook embellishment.

Cut out (optional: laminate before cutting out).

Use Tacky Glue to apply your choice of embellishments around edge of metal cap.

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