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~* Stuffed Gift Bottle *~

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* Clean 2 liter bottle.
* Paper.
* Glue stick or clear tape.
* Laminator and laminating sheets.
* Ribbon.
* Templates:
Stuffed Bottle Wrap Back Click-n-Fill
Stuffed Bottle Wrap Back
Stuffed Bottle Wrap Front Click-n-Fill
Stuffed Bottle Wrap Back
Stuffed Bottle Wrap Tag Click-n-Fill
Stuffed Bottle Wrap Tag

Graphics are from the CC4: Christmas and CC71: Chubby Polar bears clipart sets.


Open a portrait sheet in your print program.

Import the 2 Liter Bottle Wrap Front template of your choice.

Import your chosen graphics.

Print on highest setting.

Repeat for the back and the tag.

Laminate and cut each piece out.

Cut around the middle of the 2 liter bottle with a sharp knife or scissors about 6" from the bottom.
Stuff the bottom of the bottle with goodies.
Place the top of the bottle back on and tape to the bottom section of the bottle.
Layer the front printed wrap over the back printed wrap where indicated on the template and glue or tape.
Wrap around the bottle and position where you want it.
Glue or tape the wrap sides together.
Decorate with ribbons and add the tag.

Since we cannot have a Christmas party this year, we are doing drive by porch drop offs! I think these will make for some happy surprises for our little friends!

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