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~* Matching Cards and Handled Bag *~

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* Inkjet Paper or Cardstock.
* Glue Stick Or Double Sided Sticky Tape.
* Optional: Laminating sheets.
* Matching cards and handled bag templates.

Graphics are from CC22: Puppies.


To make the cards:

Open a landscape sheet in your print program. Import the matching card template. Insert a graphic and center in each card template. Print on your printer's highest setting.

Repeat to make as many matching cards as you wish.

To make the bag:

Open a portrait sheet in your print program. Import the handled bag template. Fill with your chosen background. Insert a decoration graphic and a headline. Print 2 copies on your printer's highest settings.Turn the printed sheets over and put back in your printer. Delete the graphic and headline, leaving your background fill. Now print the two sheets with your background fill.

Optional: Laminate all the printed sheets.

Cut the cards and bag pieces out. Assemble the bag by folding all the lines. Attach the sides with glue or sticky tape. Close the bottom flaps and glue or sticky tape the flaps closed.

Now the game is ready to be played!
It can be played by simply sorting and matching the card halves or turn all the card halves over and play a memory game. Makes a great gift or use for a Circle Time and Center activity in your classroom!

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