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Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl

~* Mamas and Babies Ice Cream Lid Matching Activity *~

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* Paper.
* Plastic Ice Cream Lids from 3 Fl. Oz (88mL) Cups, cleaned and dried.
* Glue sticks.
* Laminating sheets and laminator.
* Optional: Curved Tipped Scrapbook Scissors.
* Templates:
Ice Cream Lid Click-n-Fill
Ice Cream Lid

Graphics are from the following craft clipart sets:
CC33: Zoo animals
CC41: Kittens
CC57: Forest animals


Open a portrait sheet in your print program.

Import the Ice Cream Lid template of your choice.

Import your chosen graphics.

Print on highest setting.

Laminate and cut the circles out. Curved tipped scrapbooking scissors make this much easier.

Glue to the lids.

You can use these as a Matching Game or just as a Simple Sort. I will be adding this set to my Science Center. I have plans to make many more for different learning activities. Use as many lids to make as small or as large an activity you want based on your children's age level and skill. I love how these will be easy to grasp for my students!

Any subject can be used:

*Literacy - Beginning Sound Matching, Ending Sound Matching or Vocabulary Builders
*Math - Counting Sets, Matching Sets to Numerals, Adding or Subtracting or Comparing Sets
*Science - Living/Non-Living, Food/Not Food, Hibernates/Does Not Hibernate or Fur/No Fur

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