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Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl   Copyright Missy Earl

~* Bear Family Puppets *~

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* Inkjet T-Shirt Transfers (I like the dark transfer ones. They are thicker and the felt color won't show through.)
* Iron
* 0.5 yard Felt Fabric
* Fabric Glue or Needle and Thread for hand sewing or sewing machine
Graphics are from CC50: Beary Cute clipart set.


Open a landscape sheet in your print program.

Import your chosen graphics. I got two bears per transfer sheet.

Print on the T-Shirt Transfer paper with your printers highest setting.

Repeat for however many puppets you want.

Cut the bears out.

Follow the T-Shirt Transfer Instructions to apply the bears to the felt.

When cool, lay the printed bears on top of another piece of felt.

Cut the two pieces out together to form a front and back, leaving at least a 0.5 inch edge all around the bears.

You can use fabric glue to adhere the front to the back. Hand sew or use a sewing machine.

I made these for a little guy who is turning 2 and is mad for Teddy Bears and Puppets! Each bear represents someone in his family.

You could easily apply extra embellishments like ribbons, lace, silk flower or buttons for an older child.

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