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~* Easter Matching Cards *~

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* Cardstock.
* Optional: Laminating sheets
* Card Game template.

Graphics are from CC20: Easter.


Open a landscape sheet in your print program. Fill with a background. Import the card template. Adjust the size of the template so that you have a 1/4" space from the edge of the end cards to the the edge of your printed area. Fill each card with an Easter graphic. Be sure to make 2 of each graphic so their will be matching pairs. I used 3 sheets of cardstock to make 12 pairs of cards. You can make this game with as many sets as you like! Print each sheet out on your printer's highest setting.

Now fill a landscape sheet with a darker colored background, turn all your printed cardstock sheets over and printed on the back of each card. We left a 1/4" margin edge on the other side because your printer doesn't always feed the sheet in the same way as it did when your printed the front. This will give you a small margin for any difference in print areas and you won't have any unprinted areas.

Laminate and cut out. Now the cards are ready for a Memory Matching Game or Go Fish!

Teacher Tip: Use for a Go Fish game and develop your child's language skills! The children must describe the graphic to you when they ask if you have a match. "Do you have the white bunny with a pink dress on that is standing holding a flower?"

Have Fun!

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