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~* Bunny Glasses *~

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* Cardstock.
* Glue stick or mini hot glue.
* Little jewels and rhinestones.
* Optional: Laminating sheets
* Bunny Glasses template.

Graphics are from CC20: Easter.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the glasses template onto your sheet. Adjust size as needed. Around five inches wide worked well for the four year olds I made these for.

Import your chosen graphics. I chose Helena's Bunny and Egg graphic to postion over the eye holes. The egg is the perfect size to cut out the eye holes and I liked how the bunnies stick up over the frame! Print on cardstock on your highest setting.

Cut out and glue the ear pieces on. (I cut out the eye holes before I laminated so the laminating sheet would give a glass effect. If you can find colored report covers, cut out and glue to the back of the glasses for colored eye lenses! )

Embellish with little rhinestones and jewels as desired.

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