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~* Memo Photo Frame and Pen *~

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For the frame:

* 1 acrylic stand up photo frame 4x6 inches.
* Memo pad 3x3 inches.
* Photo paper.
* Double sided sticky tape.
* Memo 4x6 template.

For the pen:

* Sticker paper.
* Pen Cover template.

Graphics are from CC22: Puppies.



Insert the template into your print program. Import your chosen graphics and design your photo. Print on your highest setting.

When dry, cut out and slip into the frame. Use the double sided sticky tape to adhere the memo pad to the frame.

Pen cover:

Import the pen cover template. For this project I used a Pentel Medium Gel Pen and covered just the middle. The template can be stretched to fit other pen or pencil sizes. Just print a draft first and check the fit for your pen or pencil.

Decorate the pen cover with your chosen graphics. Print on a high setting.

Cut out and roll around the pen. Pencils still sharpen well with a cover on.

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