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~* Puffy Purse *~

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* Cardstock of thick Inkjet paper.
* Double Sided Sticky Tape or Glue Stick.
* Craft Knife.
* Optional: Laminating Sheets.
* Puffy Purse template.

Dog, background and borders are from CC23: School animals, book is from CC7: School and crayons from CC11: School bears.


Import the template into your print program.

Import your desired graphics and decorate to your liking.

Print on your printers highest setting. (Optional: laminate.)

Cut out.

Using the craft knife, make small shallow cuts along the fold lines of the sides of the purse.

Fold on all the lines.

Adhere top handles together using tape or glue.

Fold in the sides.

These are great for any small gift!

Copyright Missy Earl

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