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~* Place Card *~

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* Card stock.
* Craft knife.
* Small sharp pointed scissors.
* Sticky Foam Dots.
* Krylon Crystal Clear Paint Spray.
* Place card template.

Cliparts from CC12: Fall and background from CC20: Easter.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the place card template. Adjust to get your finished desired size.

Import your graphics and decorate the place card to your liking. Have your main graphic lay over the dotted lines. This will be the stick up part on your finished card.
If you decorate the back with a graphic, be sure to flip it so when it is standing up the image is showing correctly.
Accent the name area with a graphic. Duplicate that graphic onto another area of your card.

Print on cardstock on your highest printer setting.
Let dry about 15 minutes than spray a couple of coats of Krylon on it to seal your ink.

When dry, use your craft knife to cut a slit around the top of your main graphic. Insert the small sharp scissors in the slit and carefully cut around the top of your main graphic. Stop at the dotted lines. Carefully fold the cards on the dotted line.

Cut out your duplicated graphic. Place a sticky foam dot on the back and position over it's matching graphic on the card. Now you are ready to decorate the table!

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