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~* Napkin Ring *~

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* Card stock.
* Sticky Foam Dots.
* Krylon Crystal Clear Paint Spray.
* Glue stick.
* Napkin ring template.

Cliparts from CC12: Fall and background from CC20: Easter.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the napkin ring template. Adjust to get your finished desired size.

Import your graphics and decorate the napkin ring to your liking. Choose a complimentary graphic to be an accent peice on your finished ring.

Print on cardstock on your highest printer setting. Let dry about 15 minutes, then spray a couple of coats of Krylon on it to seal your ink.

When dry, cut out all the pieces. Place a sticky foam dot on the back of your accent piece and position on the ring. Cut a 1" x 6" strip of cardstock. Roll, overlap the ends and glue together. Glue the ring to the decorated top.

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