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~* Recycled Yoplait Trix Yogurt Cups *~

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* Clean Yoplait Yogurt Individual serving containers.
* Large needle or ice pick.
* Cardstock.
* Chennille Stems.
* 25 Pony Beads per container.
* Glue stick.
* Hot glue.
* Optional Embellishments: Rhinestone Gems, Fuzzy Yarn, Curling Ribbon, Tulle Ribbon, etc..
* Template found here.

Graphics are from CC19: Love/Valentine and CC6: Hedgehogs.


Clean the yogurt containers well. Dry thoroughly. Make sure all pieces of the foil lid is removed.

Using a hot ice pick or large hot needle, poke a hole through either side of the cup for the handle. Thread a chennille stem into one hole. Twist close. Add 25 pony beads in a pattern or just use all of one color. Place end of chennille stem into the other hole. Twist close and trim off excess stem.

Import the template into your print program. Print a test copy of the template to see if resizing needs to be done for the cup. Make any necessary adjustments as needed. Import a background graphic. Duplicate to fill the paper.

Import a main graphic and center on label. These cups look best with one centered graphic and 2 complimentary graphics on either side of the main one. Add a headline of your choosing and place above or below your main graphic.

You will be able to get 4 labels on one paper. Each one can be different as shown in the sample photo or you can just select all and duplicate your first one three times.

Print on cardstock on your highest printer setting.

Cut out (optional: laminate before cutting out).

Adhere the label to the cup with a glue stick or hot glue. There will be enough of the label to make a nice overlap in the back.

Now you are ready to embellish the cup to your liking! Wrap and glue fuzzy yarn, ribbon or chennille stems for the top band around the cups. Use curling ribbon or tulle ribbon on the handle ends and dress up with rhinestone gems.

These make quick and easy party favors for any occassion!

Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl

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