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Copyright Missy Earl

Copyright Missy Earl

~* Bingo *~

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* Paper or cardstock.
* Laminator.
* Laminating sheets.
* 3 row, 4 row, 5 row bingo template and bingo calling card template.

Graphics are from CC22: Puppies.


Open up a document in your print program. Import your chosen template.*
Fill with your chosen template with a background and graphics in each square.
Print 1 card.
Rearrange the graphics to create another card and then print.
Continue this step until you have the desired number of bingo cards you wish.
Import the bingo calling card template onto a document in your print program. Use the same graphics as on your printed bingo cards.
Laminate all sheets.
Cut out the calling cards, add some spot markers and you are ready for a lot of fun! (We use doggie treat bones for spot marker with the Puppy Bingo.)

* I recommend the 3 row bingo for younger children ( 2 to 4 years of age). The 4 row bingo is good for 4 to 6 year olds and the 5 row bingo is good for 6 and up.


Number Bingo:
Color code your rows and place a graphic on the top of each row.
Place a numeral into each square. Our Pre-K concentrates on the numerals 0 to 5 so that is what is on my pictured set.
Make 2 sets of calling cards for varying levels of difficulty. One set to match and name numerals to numerals and another set to count and match the sets to numerals. Be sure to color code your calling cards and make the cards match the graphic on top of your rows.

Vocabulary Bingo:
Just use pictures as I did on the 3 row bingo. I have the children take turns being the Bingo Caller. As they choose a card to call out, they must describe what the graphic is before showing it to the other children.

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