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~* Pinwheel *~

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* Inkjet Paper (plain paper can be used but this works best).
* Small finish nail with head.
* Dowel rod.
* Tape.
* Craft knife.
* Hammer.
* Ice Pick.
* Optional: Laminating sheets.
* Pinwheel template.

Dog and red background from CC22: Puppies and apple background from CC23: School animals.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the pinwheel template. Fill with your chosen background or graphic. Print on your printers highest setting. Turn the printed sheet over and put back in your printer.

Now open another sheet and just fill it with a corresponding background. Print the sheet out again.

Optional: Laminate.

Cut the pinwheel out. Use a craft knife and cut the dotted line slits in the middle of the pinwheel.

Fold down every other point to the middle of the pinwheel and insert the tip into the slits. Tape the tip to the back side of the pinwheel.

Place the nail through the pinwheel and hammer to the dowel rod. Now you are ready for some fun! I embellished with a puppy in the middle of the pinwheel.

If you don't want to use a nail and dowel rod, use a brad and a drinking straw.

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