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* Cardstock.
* Laminator.
* Laminating sheets.
* Washer.
* Two Pennies.
* Brad.
* Gamecard, spin board and spinner templates.

Graphics are from many different sets. Don't hesitate to ask about a certain graphic!


Gamebase Cards:

Open a landscape document in your print program. Import the gamecard template. Adjust to fit the top half of the paper. Duplicate the template and place on botton half of your paper. Fill with your chosen graphics. I made two different base card patterns per one piece of cardstock. Print out on your highest setting on cardstock. (I wanted a game set for 8 so I printed out 4 sheets of cardstock.)
Cut the cardstock in half.

Individual Game Cards:

Use the same document you have open but this time before printing, adjust your output size to 95%. Print your cards out. Make sure you print the same number of sheets out as you did for the Base Gamecards.

Open another document in your print program. Choose a background and fill the entire document with it. Take your Individual Game Card sheets you just printed and turn them over. Run them back through your printer and fill the back side of the cards with a background fill.

Spinner Card:

Open another document in your print program. Import the Spinner Game Card template. Use the same graphics as you used for your Gamebase and Individual Game Cards. Position these around the Spinner Circle.

Import the arrow and place it somewhere outside your spinner circle. Print on your highest setting on cardstock.

Cut out all the Individual Game Cards. Cut out the Spinner Card and Arrow.

Laminate everything for durability.

Poke a hole through the Spinner Card and the Arrow's base.

Tape the 2 pennies to the underside of your Arrow.

Slide the brad through the Arrow, the Washer and the Spinner Card. Bend the brad to the back of the Spinner Card and tape.


Each child selects a Gamebase Card. The Individual Gamecards are place face up in the middle of the table. Each child takes turn spininng the Arrow on the Spinner Card. If the Arrow lands on a graphic that matches one on his/her Gamebase Card, the child then finds the same Individual Card in the middle of the table and matches it to his/her Gamebase Card. Play continues until a child gets his/her Gamebase Card filled with matching graphics.

The Learning Objective for the game I created:

Each child will correctly name and match the Holiday Graphic that is found on his/her Gamebase card.


Don't use the spinner. Turn all the Individual Game Cards facedown and play the game as a typical Memory Game.

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