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~* Hanging Gift Bag *~

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* Card stock.
* Glue or Tape.
* Curling ribbon.
* Templates:
Hanging Gift Bag or
Hanging Gift Bag Click-n-Fill

Graphics are from the CC36: Ginger folks craft clipart set.


Open a landscape sheet in your print program.
Import the hanging gift bag template. Fill with desired graphics and text. Keep in mind that your flap folds down over the front so orient your graphics accordingly.
Cut out on all the outside lines.
Fold on the lines.
Glue the side flap first.
Fold the sides in to create a bag.
Glue bottom flap last.
Slide a thin ribbon under the top flap and tack down with a small piece of tape or glue.
Fill you bag with a treat and tape, or glue flap closed.
Tie a bow with the ribbon and now it is ready to hang on your tree!
I'm filling mine with a mini tub of homemade ginger playdough and a mini gingerbread man cookie cutter!

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